Advocate and patient partner


I’m available to give lectures, participate in panels and host workshops virtually!

Specialized in raising awareness and educating about rare and invisible disease; I speak about resilience, the importance of adaptation and inclusion.

Life’s obstacles are not an obstacle to happiness!

I also offer virtual talks as a duo with my colleague Casandra Poitras, who’s living with rare illness too.
Our main theme is the importance to adapt. We are also available for virtual discussion panels and hosting workshops.
For more info you can visit our Facebook page or contact us by email.

Chengdu press conference, 2010

Life’s surprises gave me plenty of content to talk about as well as the necessary experience.

Having done theatre in college and then being involved in student politics in university, I gained a lot of experience in the art of speaking in front of a crowd.
I was later in charge of communications in a patients’ association, which led to various interviews (radio, newspapers).

I had a crash course in public speaking and media communication during the adventure of a lifetime in China in 2010: an international contest for the chance to go work with giant pandas in Chengdu.
As soon as my selection among the 12 international participants was announced, I received interview requests, in French as well as in English, on the radio, on TV and in newspapers. However, most of the media exposure happened when we got to China, where on top of press conferences we gave interviews for international media (France, Italy, China, USA, etc.)

When I came back, I gave a few lectures about this adventure, at the request of friends and acquaintances, and I got hooked!

I’ve also given multiple interviews (radio, TV, newspapers, web) about life with rare and invisible disease in the past few years.