Motivational Speaker

I am available to give motivational talks!

  • Ehlers-Danlos syndromes awareness and information;
  • Knowing how to find happiness;
  • A Chinese adventure with the giant pandas.

My fee is of a minimum of 250$ for a 45min talk without a question period and varies depending on location, event type and audience size.
My travel expenses and a per diem, as well as accommodation costs, if applicable, including my aide’s expenses, must also be paid.

Life’s surprises have given me talk material, as well as the necessary experience.

Having had theater classes in college, then being involved in student politics in university, I acquired a good experience in the art of talking in front of people.
I was later director of communications for a patients’ organisation, which led me to give many interviews (radio, newspapers).

Mostly, I had a crash course in public speaking and media communications during a Chinese adventure in 2010: an international contest leading to working with giant pandas in Chengdu. Straight from the announcement of my selection among the 12 international participants, I received interview requests, in English and in French, for radio, television and newspapers. Yet, the most of our media exposure happened after we got to Chengdu, where on top of press conferences, we were interviewed, mostly for television, by medias from all around the world (France, Italy, China, USA, etc.).

Once I got back, some friends asked that I give talks about this adventure, and I got hooked!

Since then I’ve also done interviews, mostly written, about Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, which affects me, and about living with this illness. Besides, the Quebec alliance for orphan illnesses (Regroupement québécois des maladies orphelines) asked me to create a video on that topic, which is used in information events for doctors. I also created a blog to raise awareness of this illness and of what life with an incurable, rare and chronic illness is like.

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes awareness and information: The story of symptoms as they happened and the medical shortcomings that followed. The search for an answer going from doctor to doctor. The consequences of EDS on life on general and on day-to-day life. Explanation of the illness (diagnostic criteria, common symptoms, prevalence, cause, genetic aspect, prognosis and treatments).

Know how to find happiness: My life with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (including a quick explanation of the illness) and how I’m able to be happy through it all. My tips to find happiness and my belief that everyone can be happy no matter the circumstances.

A Chinese adventure with the giant pandas: Travel story, from the contest that gave me the opportunity to go to China to the experiences of the trip itself (historical sites visits, new international friendships, touching and feeding real pandas, etc.), including the media circus.
Includes relevant information about the giant panda. Also, how hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos had an impact. Lots of pictures.

Of course, each of those presentation is followed by a question period and can be adapted to the client’s needs.