I translate from English to French as well as from French to English.

You were looking for an amazing translator – and she is the best!
-PJ Kwong, author and sports commentator

My fee in translation is 0.15$/word (see Terms of services).Do not hesitate to contact me to get a quote!

I’m very detail-oriented and, with a few exceptions, am available for last minute work, including evenings and weekends.

Ever since I’ve been doing comparative revision on the back of cereal boxes and told mommy about the teachers’ mistakes, never has the love of language left me, even though my path took me on many detours. I studied in arts and literature and in event organisation, worked in the show business field for many years (on stage as well as backstage and in production) and I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology (I thus know the APA standards).

Thanks to this, my specialty fields are more varied than most!
In translation, I worked with many different formats and in many fields, from companies’s websites to the research questionnaires, community organisation conference documents and masters’s theses. I even created linguistic content (in English) for a mobile app!

I have worked for a variety of clients, including: Invictus Games, community organisations, individuals and university students.