Terms of services

Quote and estimate
I need to see the document before I can quote the amount to be billed and the estimated turnaround time.


In editing/proofreading, my fee is $0.05/word.

In comparative editing, my fee is $0.05/word and both texts’ (English and French) word count is calculated (total of both).

In rewriting, my fee is $0.10/word.

In translation, my fee is $0.15/word.

The number of words is calculated automatically in Word, from the original text.
In translation, if the document can’t be made available in Word, the number of words will be calculated from the target (translated) text, in Word.

If the job absolutely has to be done in another format, an hourly fee of $50/h will be applicable.

**A discount of 10% is given to students an non-profits.

Additional fees
If the work requires an unusual amount of research or corrections, I might charge and additional fee.
An additional 25% rush fee can be charged on particularly quick turnaround time.
If the document has to be modified during course of the contract (inclusion of a section, unpredicted rewrite), the total cost, fees and turnaround time will have to be reevaluated accordingly.

Trial session
It is possible to have a trial session of my work, up to a maximum of one page, for a fee of $25.
If we go ahead with the contract, the work done is of course kept.

On call (Stand-by)
To have me on stand-by (make sure I’m available), the cost is $25 per block of 4 hours, up to 3 blocks per day (morning, afternoon, evening) and up to 7 days a week. The incurred cost that will end up being worked will be deducted from the total.
For example, the fee to make sure I’m available for a rush project on a Thursday evening would be $25. If I end up getting the document that evening and doing the work as planned, the fee will be lifted. On the other hand, if I only get the document the next day (or if the project is cancelled), the $25 will apply since I’ll have spent my evening on stand-by for the project.

Please note that the minimum billing amount is $25.
You can pay me with Interac e-transfer, check (made to Annie-Danielle Grenier), credit card (via Square) or Paypal.
International clients can pay me via international transfer using my SWIFT code.
Those informations will be on the invoice.

For any contract of $1,000 to $4,999, I ask for a 50% advance payment up front and 50% when completed.
For any contract over $5,000, I ask for a 25% advance payment up front, 25% halfway through and 50% when completed.
Invoices are payable upon reception.
In case of payment over 30 days late, there will be a late fee of 2% per month (24% per year).

My job
My work includes: editing/translating the table of contents, indexes, references, legends, figures, graphs and other similar elements.
However, the following are not part of the work I do : layout (margins, paragraph spacing, character size, images positioning, etc), reworking figures or graphs, verification of data, or verification of quotes or references according to the originals cited by the author.

I don’t do rewriting or structural editing (change sections’ order or undo the order in which topics are covered) outside of a dedicated rewriting job, and I never do it in academic work.

For more details on how I do editing/proofreading, see the editing/proofreading page in the website.

Your job
It is the client’s responsibility to give me the documents in time and answer my questions within a reasonable time, otherwise the turnaround time can’t be met.
If the client is a group or organization, a single person must be designated to communicate with me to avoid any confusion.

I am not responsible in case of any litigation in relation to any content given by the client (included, but not limited to copyright laws).

Please note that I am an independant freelancer: this contract does not constitute an employment relationship.
I retain the right to work for more than one client at once.

Delay or cancellation
If I ever, for reasons beyond my control, think that I might not be able to respect the agreed turnaround time, I hereby commit to tell the client as soon as possible.

In the case where I don’t hear from the client for more than a week after the agreed contract start time and that I don’t get an answer to at least two (2) efforts to get in contact, I will consider the contract inactive: it will thus be cancelled and no deposit will be reimbursed.
In the same way, if in the course of a project I am unable to contact the client for over one week and if I can’t get an answer to at least two (2) efforts to get in contact (except planned absence), I will consider the contract inactive: it will be cancelled, the work will stop and no amount given will be reimbursed.

In the case where me or the client would want to terminate the contract, the work done will be calculated and invoiced, at a minimum of 25% of the total quoted amount. Any exceeding amount will be reimbursed.

Legal matters
Quebec (Canada) laws apply.