Terms of services

I need to see the document to be translated before I can give the total amount that will be billed and the turnaround time. On the other hand, since it’s a « per word » quote, and not « per hour », you will know straight from the start the exact final amount*.

In editing, my fee is 0.05$/word.

In comparative editing (also called bilingual editing), where the original is compared to the translation to ensure its integrity, both word counts are calculated.

In rewriting, my fee is 0.10/word.

In translation, my fee is 0.15$/word.

A discount of 10% is given to non-profit organizations and students.
My rush fee is 25%.

For any contract between 1,000$ and 4,999$, I ask for a 50% advance payment up front and 50% when completed.
For any contract over 5,000$, I ask for a 25% advance payment up front, 25% halfway through and 50% when completed.
Invoices are payable upon reception.
In case of payment over 30 days late, there will be a late fee of 2% per month (24% per year).
The number of words is calculated automatically in Word, from the original text.

It’s possible to have a tryout of one hour, for a fee of 25$. If we go ahead with the contract, the work done is of course kept.

My work includes : editing/translating the table of contents, indexes, references, legends, figures, graphs and other similar elements. However, the following are not part of the work I do : layout (margins, paragraph spacing, character size, images positioning, etc), reworking figures or graphs, verification of data, or verification of quotes or references according to the originals cited by the author.

I do stylistic editing, including copy editing/proofreading.
That means: clarify meaning, eliminate lingo, polish the style** (always following the author’s original style), check the text line by line and, if needed, touch it up.
Make grammatical, lexical, orthographic and punctuation corrections, as well as apply typographic writing rules (capital, italic, numbers, symbols, etc.); harmonize those elements in the whole text; check the coherence of data across the document.

*If the work requires an unusual amount of research, I might charge an additional fee.Additional fees can also be charged in the case of a particularly quick turnaround (for example, if you give me an article on a Friday evening, to be done by Monday morning).
If the document’s content has to be modified during the contract (inclusion of a section, unpredicted rewrite), the total cost, fees and turnaround time will have to be reevaluated accordingly.

**If the client wants, it’s possible to ask that all style changes be only suggested (noted in comments) instead of made in the text.
The client can also ask for those changes to be kept to a minimum, or on the contrary, ask that I focus my attention on that.